Hello, I’m developing this short story horror anthology in the vein of a playstation era type of game. We’re developing around 6 or more episodes (the first one being ready to play) all surrounding similar themes and ideas but told in vastly different stories, genre, and gameplay variety.

You can check out the first episode here: https://deadbyte.itch.io/realstoriesfromthegrave

All episodes will be free-to-play and have relatively short development cycles (i.e not take years as a lot of games do nowadays. The end goal is to get something on your reel relatively soon.)

We only need two actors for the second episode, but we are accepting applications pass that capacity for possible evaluation for later episodes Episode Two in particular is inspired by Silent Hill.

If you’re interested, you can send your voice acting reel along with a headshot to carmichel94@gmail.com