Hello all,

We have a commercial shoot coming up sometime during the first week of September. Dates have NOT been locked in yet but filming will hopefully be sometime during that week. There are various parts to fill and most will take a full day on location. Shoot location will be mostly in Delaware with the exception of the Investment Banker. Pay is $200 per day plus travel for all roles. If interested please reach out to mike@1440filmco.com with a recent headshot, reels, and availability for the first week of Sept.

Brewer- Male – Early 30s to mid 40s – Open to all demographics
This role is an entrepreneur who is trying to get their brewery started. Full day shoot on location in Wilmington Delaware.

Investment Banker – Male or Female – Mid 20s-mid 30s – Open to all demographics
A busy investment banker who wants to get out of the city and explore nature. Looking at 2 shoot days for this role. Will involve hiking Mount Tammany NJ around sunrise or sun set. Day two would potentially be at a high-rise apartment in NYC.

Model – Female – Mid 20s- Mid 30s – Open to all demographics
A model who pays the photographer with the App and then meets up with her friends for brunch. Full shoot day in Wilmington Delaware.

A note about Covid-19. We have taken every precaution to make sets as safe as possible. Including smaller crews, masks to be worn at all times unless briefly for a scene, temperature checks, plenty of hand sanitizer on set, and individual lunches for crew and cast. While we have taken these precautions there are inherit risks with any job that involves you to leave the house.

Thank you