Looking for three to seven rough and tough-looking Philly kids (ages 8-14, all genders, ethnicities welcome – no prior experience needed) to play juvenile delinquents cutting school and misbehaving in director Andrew Repasky McElhinney’s new movie, CASUAL ENCOUNTERS: PHILADELPHIA TRUE CRIME CONFESSIONS (coming 2020).

This project is shooting on silent Super 8MM film. Footage will be used as late 80s, early 90s flashbacks of the main adult characters in the movie (which is already shot). Kid actors and their parents must be able to shoot during-the-day Wed Nov 13 with a rain date of during-the-day Fri Nov 15 during-the-day. Because it is being shot on film, the Super 8MM camera needs a lot of daylight.

The kid actors will receive an honorarium, billing on the credits of the movie, and access to the footage from the final movie for their reels after the movie is released.

While production wants to fake the footage so the kids looks like they are doing age inappropriate things, our primary concern on this set is the well being of all youth actors. Everyone’s parents will be on set at all time, right behind the camera. Everything will be explicitly detailed to parent and kid actor before arriving on set to shoot.

On set, the kids will improv hanging out without adult supervision but the experience will be completely the opposite, they will be totally supervised with a high adult-to-youth ratio. In terms of the kid actors being “juvenile delinquents”, the concept is to get them to open beer cans, spray each other, maybe take a sip, spit it out, ditto fooling around with cigarettes. We will use non-tobacco stage prop cigarettes and we will switch out the real beer for near beer for the sips after we shoot the can pop and spray shot.

To apply for the role please send a current picture, name of kid actor and resume (if any) to casting@armcinema25.com. No phone calls please.