Seeking Talent for “Turf Valley,” A Comedic Web Series, SAG Project (open to Union/Non-Union)



Project Description: Comedy web series; live-action; casting to shoot 2 out of 8 episodes in November. Created by Emmy Award winner and renowned writer/director ADAM RODGERS & THOMAS VENTIMIGLIA.
Three stay-at-home dads steal ten minutes each morning at the bus stop to share thoughts no one gives a f**k about…. More under Project Description.
It is the creators’ intention to employ the lead actors cast in the pilot for the remaining 7 episodes of the season.
Project Description Here.
About the Creators.

Seeking: Further Role Descriptions.

Howard, African-American, Male, Age 35-45
Union and Non-Union Talent
Howard is a Special Agent for the USDA, Animal Loan Fraud division. But for now, he’s either on indefinite paternity leave or he’s been fired by his wife, who just so happens to be his division chief. With his sidekick and newborn, Reggie, he’s Turf Valley’s resident spy master. He’s the epitome of justice and punctuality as he tracks the evil forces of Turf Valley with the tenacity of chronic diaper rash. He may be sidelined by Dad duty right now, but one day, TURF VALLEY WILL BE HIS. See Further Role Descriptions above.
Jason, Caucasian/Ethnically Ambiguous, Male, Age 35-45
Union and Non-Union Talent
Of Jason, people usually say “For a stay-at-home dad with four kids under 7, he sure looks like shit. At least his wife makes bank.” But what they don’t know is that Passion is Jason’s middle name… literally. Jason knows a ton of stuff, but nothing he could turn into a career. (He envies Cliff Claven from Cheers, because at least he gets to wear a uniform.) And don’t be fooled! Jason’s tale is one for the hero books. His quest to join the Turf Valley Homeowners Association–if successful–will finally allow him to tell the world, “I matter.” (But he won’t.) See Further Role Descriptions above.
Tyler, Caucasian/Ethnically Ambiguous, Male, Age 35-45
Union and Non-Union Talent
Life’s been easy for Tyler. Maybe too easy. His good looks have made his wedding guitar business profitable, but it never brought him true rock n’ roll stardom. He’s divorced, with twin 6 year-old daughters and an ex that just bought a house down the block. Still, that inner feeling of coolness will not be dimmed! Okay, sure, maybe he’s not that bright. And yes, those good looks are fading. And yes, he’s totally unprepared for the challenges of suburban fatherhood. But dammit, he’s going to keep those girls away from men like him if it’s the last thing he does. See Further Role Descriptions above.
“Athletic Guy”, Any Ethnicity, Male, Age 30-50
Union and Non-Union Talent
Preferably over 6’2 and built like a football player. Would love a real ex pro player. Speaking Role.


Rate: Union Scale, New Media Contract

Shoot Date: Must be available the 1st week of November, 2020. 1-2 Days of shooting.

Location: Ellicott City, Maryland
Talent would live ideally less than an hour away by car.

Usage: Web Series

Please send Email to:
Submissions Due By: Tuesday, October 6th
You MUST include all of the following information or you will NOT be considered!
Age range
Cellphone #
Email Address
Union Status (State if you are Union, Non-Union, or SAG-AFTRA Eligible)
Agent or Manager (if applicable) Contact your agent first to check if you’ve been submitted already.
Home ZIP CODE – you MUST live within 2 hours of shoot location, ideally within 1 hour
Submit your application to:
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