Seeking individuals of all ages to create funny, entertaining and dancing videos to a new, fun and catchy up and coming trend on TikTok called “Wash My Hands” / “Wash Your Hands”

This was inspired to spread clean habits and vibes because of the current epidemic and this is your way to get involved!

Videos have creative freedom, can be dancing, lip singing and/or as funny/creative as you want. (We’re looking for originality and entertainment)

We have original examples by influencer @Bailey_n who has over 100K followers on Tik Tok, barbiedoll_kiyara 700k + followers and more.

This project was created to be a fun stay-at-home project for actors and dancers (and their families if they wish) to create, enjoy and share with us and on their Tik Tok.

Videos will be featured and promoted on various social media platforms, YouTube and most exciting videos will be featured on popular instagram accounts of over 500k followers !

Please email us to share you interests and to see example’s and instructions we look forward to your inquiry and your Tik Tok!

Accepting Submissions until April 30th.

Email: that’s

After we email you back! Please be ready to make your videos and post them on your Tik Tok!
We’re excited to see what you come up with.
Talk soon!