Two Actresses needed for “The Last Few Hours”, a short film chronicling the last day of life on Earth in the wake of an apocalyptic event. The film focuses on Annie, a quiet, reserved college student who struggles to find a good way to spend the time she has left. Non-Union, Volunteer. The two roles are:

MICHELLE: Annie’s roommate. Wears all of her emotions on her sleeve, much to the annoyance of Annie. She is completely overwhelmed by anxiety as the apocalyptic event unfolds. Has not come to peace with her own mortality in any way.

CLARICE: Annie’s mother. Lives far away from Annie, making it impossible for her to see her daughter before the world ends. Wrought with sadness and desperation- more for her daughter than for herself.

Auditions will be in video form only. Email the Director at to receive a copy of the script. Auditions will be due on April 6th at the latest.