Temple University Student Films!

It’s THAT time again! Kathy Wickline Casting will be accepting self-tapes for the Directing Students 2020 film projects for Temple University. Although we are not auditioning in person this year, we encourage all talent to participate in submitting for student film productions. It is an excellent opportunity to hone-in on your craft, build your resume, and connect with future industry-leaders and creatives.

TALENT: Non-Union AND Union
RATE: Union (Student Film Agreement /SAG AFTRA)
Non-Union (some pay provided for most projects)
SHOOT LOCATION: Local to Philadelphia, Talent must live within 2 hours of Philadelphia
SHOOT DATES: 3-5 day shoots, TBD January – May 2021
CALLBACKS: TBD, will be conducted virtually by Temple directing students
NON-UNION COVID PROCEDURE: COVID-19 safety protocols will be given upon virtual call backs.
UNION COVID PROCEDURE: Per SAG-AFTRA requirements, for 2-consecutive-day shoots only, testing may be done once. Testing and results must be completed within the 24-hour period before the first day of shoot to allow a shoot for two consecutive days.


1 Asian, Male
1A: Age 17 – 18 (MUST include DOB in submission if under 18)

David Kim: Wiry physique. An inquisitive mind. Extremely intelligent and unafraid socially, yet naïve.

Jilei: a happy kid that can sometimes be mean, everything looks like it is going well in his life, family life is unstable and hurting him internally.

1B: Age 8-12 (MUST include DOB in submission if under 18)

Young Jilei: Messy wild kid that is very similar to Older Jilei

2 Caucasian, Male

2A: Age17 – 20s (MUST include DOB in submission if under 18) ​

Braxton O’Gallagher: Hulking physique. Demanding, yet loyal, fraternity president

Jay Marconi: Longer hair preferred. Jay is self-destructive, and acts cool at the cost of being inauthentic to himself. *Must be willing to dye their hair red with washout non-permanent dye

2B: Age 40s

Jimmy Vee: Greasy businessman, slimy character, Saul Goodman-type

Tall Man (can be 20s-40s): Tall, imposing figure.

3 Any Ethnicity, Male
3A: Age 16-22 (MUST include DOB in submission if under 18)

Johnathan Hamilton: Wiry physique. Nervous freshman pledge. Identical twin.

Jared Hamilton: Wiry physique. Nervous freshman pledge. Identical twin.

Billy: Fraternity Devotee. Wild party animal.

Henry Roberts: weak posture and moping demeanor, sensitive, later instilled with the fire

Burke: A fit, muscular, and cruel looking, He gains power from intimidating other people. *Must be willing to temporary dye their hair blonde with non-permanent dye

Fitz: Sketchy, shady, slimy.

3B: Age mid-late 20s

Mark Fulbright: Rival Fraternity President. Headstrong, Burly.

3C: Age 40s – Early 50s

Officer Beau Benson: Burly man. Falsely hard exterior, while in reality he is secretly a comic relief character.

Papa: Lacks empathy, close to being mute, doesn’t know how to express his own emotions.

4 Any Ethnicity, Female
4B: Age late 20s

Nadia: A small, short-tempered, sarcastic but wise and oddly maternal.

Valerie: strict professional demeanor. Uptight, has problems handling stress. Type A and a perfectionist.

5 Any Ethnicity, Non-Binary Talent, or those that can play Non-Binary
5A: Age 8-12 (MUST include DOB in submission if under 18)

Young X: seeks attention from friends and family. Doesn’t feel confident in anything they do. Unathletic, slow, not as smart as peers.

5B: Age 17 (MUST include DOB in submission if under 18)

X: Angry with the world, Quiet, small fish in a big world, doesn’t know how to accept help. *Must be able to Skateboard!

Alex: Has head on straight, peaceful, calming presence. Seen as attractive and likable by people.

6 Latinx, Male, Age Early 20s

Javier: Quiet, prodigal fighter, strong physical presence, Ryan Garcia-type

7 African American, Male
7A: Age 20s

James: A former farmhand, debilitated by illness.

Grayson Bailey: very macho, child-like, and playful, perfect picture of health, luscious and well-kempt hair, outgoing and artistically talented. *The actor playing this role has to be okay with buzzing their hair down and make up.

7B: Age 30s

Wes: Aging professional fighter, physically fit, hot-headed, blunt, stubborn

Coop: Physically fit, upbeat

7C: Age Late 40s-50s

Gerald: Fighter turned coach, father figure, seen-it-all, soft-spoken

Roger Taylor: tough facade, but he’s actually a big teddy bear.

7D: Age 60s-80s

Ray Taylor (looks racially ambiguous): Nina’s guardian angel. Looks more aged from his previous illnesses. He is a playful old man with child-like tendencies. *Actor playing this role has to be okay with make up.

8 African American, Female
8A: Age 8-10 years old (MUST include DOB in submission if under 18)

Little Nina Taylor: tomboyish and very inquisitive, full of energy and compassionate.

8B: Age 20s

Roe: Physically fit, reserved

Mae: Resilient. A survivor. Capable of getting it done herself.

Nina Taylor: maternal, uptight. She’s absolutely gorgeous and loosens up around the right people. She is slightly emotionally unstable and a little bit eccentric.

8C: Age Late 40s-50s

Sandra Taylor: nosey, but she means well.

It’s EASY-PEASY! Send us ONE email with all of the following.
Sorry we can’t go back and forth answering questions, but we appreciate your submission!

Submit ONLY to: templecast2020@gmail.com submit ASAP or by October 1st, 2020

1. Self-Tape Audition Video: Please Prepare a 1-minute Contemporary Monologue of your choosing, or use generic copy (below) for the Self-Tape Video Audition
Click here for generic copy (or use your own) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SGJqTUmFVX52QzIKVYQUpi-OR1uQfgTu/view

How to self tape: Using a smart phone or camera, simply self tape your performance. It’s best framed horizontally from waist up. (Don’t worry about being overly perfect in recording. Just go for it!). YOU MUST State your name, agent (if applicable) and age-range (if 18+) or DOB (Minors) at the beginning of the video.

Do NOT send us a YouTube or Vimeo link. We must be able to download your video clip. MP4 format only. *If you’re having issues sending your video, let us know! We want to help!

2. Your One Email Must Include:
Subject line of the email MUST include the reference code, indicated to the left of character descriptions.
Your 1-Minute Self-Tape Video
Headshot or Recent Digital Photo
Phone number
Agent or Manager, if applicable
D.O.B. for minors/if under 18
Residence Zip Code *DO NOT APPLY unless you live within 2 hours of Philadelphia

You MUST include all of the necessary information, otherwise we cannot consider your submission. Submit only to the email address given.