UnScarred is a documentary film about the healing power of tattoos for survivors of trauma and illness. The film tells the beautiful and empowering journey of nine survivors reclaiming their skin with body art. You can watch out teaser here: www.unscarredfilm.com

We will be filming on July 29 & 30 in Philly. The shoots will cover Molly, a young breast cancer survivor, and Shalik, a survivor of a flesh eating bacteria. There will be a few interviews and some “day in the life” style filming.

UnScarred is an independent project funded entirely through grants and donations. Our budget is on the lower end — $400 for each day. We know this is a big ask, but we’re hoping to find someone that loves to work on docs and finds the concept of our film compelling.

Please email cecilia@bigteeth.tv if you are interested.