Welcome to Philly. Being in the City of Brotherly Love does not always guarantee brotherhood will come easy, especially for this group of four friends with unparalleled personality types.

Character name: Norm (Played by the director himself)

Norm is the main character and we experience life with him while he deals with brotherhood, mental health, relationships, and self identity. Norm navigates manhood while facing many different challenges. Some of these challenges include dealing with the many gaps in his life created through his father’s absence. Trust and loyalty are the leading principles that guide him throughout his journey of life.

Character name: Shawn

Shawn needs love, but doesn’t know how to give or receive it…unless, it’s apart of a competition. His decorated past as an athlete has led him to only receive love from his parents whenever he won a competition/game. He’s the self-proclaimed leader of the squad and the one in need of a lesson on what it means to be a true friend.

Character name: Jordan

Jordan doesn’t realize it, but he’s very protective of himself and who he is based off of his religious background. He grew up in a Christian household where certain things were deemed unholy, homosexuality. Jordan grapples with his sexual identity in the midst of a room full of overly masculine guys. Will he find freedom or persecution from those he calls brother?

Character name: Justin

Where to begin. He’s the friend who always says they’re down but never shows up. Asks you for money but then you see him buying the new Jordan’s on the Sneakers app. Yup, he’s that friend we all love but hate. Justin, a biracial black man, is a chameleon of sorts. He turns on his blackness when it suits him and activates his white side to “deflect” what comes with his tinted light skin.

Character name: Leah

With Leah’s free spirit, it’s hard not to fall for her. Her sophisticated and graceful demeanor has Norm wrapped around her finger. While Leah is nice and has good intentions, she’s too familiar with the dating world and understands it’s never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. Norm thinks that he and Leah are on the same page, but she does not provide Norm with the love his soul longs for. He is willing to see it through with the hopes that the love will be reciprocated.

Character name: Destiny aka Dessi

Dessi is Norm’s best friend, but protects him like an older sister would a brother. Dessi knows how Norm likes to fill voids in his life through the love of women. She tries to tell Norm what’s best for him before he has to find out the hard way.

Shoot dates Sept 12th-19th. If interested, email info@crewseries.com or call Executive Producer, Aaron Ball (215-964-7326)