I need a sound recordist for a one-day shoot during the college’s alumni weekend on Saturday, June 1, 2019. There is a group of about 8-10 members singing a cappella and the group will be performing in various places on a college campus in the suburbs of Philadelphia (about 20 miles out). There will be 3-4 short (20-30 min each) teaser performances around the campus beginning at 4:00 pm with the last ending about 6:30 pm. I expect we will meet at about 3:15 pm or 3:30 pm to go over the plan and set up for the first teaser. They will be a mix of indoor and outdoor performances. Subsequently, there’ll be a final grand performance from about 9:15 pm-10:15 pm. This will be indoors. We are documenting these performances for a documentary of the reunion of this group after it began 30 years ago when the men were students at the college and used the music as a way to find their place in the college community. There is old footage of them performing back then that we will be incorporating into the documentary. Your day would end at the end of the performance.