I’m looking for someone join the crew as an on set sound operator for the pilot episode of Dear Life, You Suck! Must have the basic knowledge of sound recording and sound equipment. I’m looking for passionate, hardworking, flexible, reliable and kind people to work on this series. I have a strict no a-hole policy. Experience is required if you don’t have much experience you are encouraged to apply. Also, if you have your own equipment that’ll be great. If not that’s fine I have my equipment on stand by.

Series Details,
Synopsis: Dear Life, You Suck!” a drama-comedy web series about six best friends living in Philly who struggle to navigate life in their mid to late 20s. Synopsis: Attempting to find their place in the world they fight through dreams deferred, disappointments, family tradition, mental health, and marriage in hopes of achieving the lives they dreamed of.

The web series is based on a short film ‘Dear Life, You Suck! Journal Entry One.’ That premiered at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. As well as screened at Reelblack’s Film screening and Philm Factory’s Film Lounge.

Production details:
This a independent low budget production.
We’re only shooting the pilot episode late May for six days; 20th, 21st, 22nd, 27th, 28th and 29th.
for an $140 overall pay.