Looking for a volunteer to run the social media for Bizzarro Bill. There is no social media right now for Bizzarro Bill and would need the pages built and maintained. Will be provided the photos and videos to post, the volunteer or volunteers would be maintaining the page or pages, posting, and providing updates on who has contacted the Bizzarro Bill page. This won’t be a high time consuming project, just 1 or 2 posts a week and providing updates from time to time on page contacts and activity. Though this is a volunteer project, there could be a good amount of visibility as “Stand Up Comedy” a comedy special is premiering on Prime Video on 1-9-2020. If you enjoy social media and love comedy this could be a fun opportunity. You can check out Bizzarro Bill’s work on YouTube and you can also check out the Bizzarro Bill IMDB page to learn more. It’s definitely avant-garde comedy and it is always clean comedy and family friendly.