The Philadelphia Film Critics Circle is looking for a passionate volunteer to take on the role of Producer for our semi-weekly podcast in which members discuss the latest films and entertainment industry news.

The show takes place most Sundays (which Sunday is dependent on the film schedule the prior week) at 4pm and runs 90 to 120 minutes. The Producer’s duties will include:

  • Managing the details of each show to keep us on a tight schedule and on topic.
  • Making sure our venue is notified of our upcoming show and that the venue is ready for us that week. We currently record the show at The Red Owl Tavern and have a great relationship with them.
  • Keeping the details of our show itinerary up to date. That entails updating a spreadsheet with the intended contents of each show, which films we’ll be discussing and managing which critics are set to lead the discussion for those films (that process literally takes a few minutes).
  • We also interview film talent from directors to stars and will generally meet on their schedule which is often during the day on a weekday. It is not required for the producer to be at these events, but would be great if they could make it. They would, however, be responsible for making sure our itinerary is in order for the interview.
  • The producer will also be a key contact with our various marketing reps to help facilitate these sessions.

The Producer will have access to some nice perks which will be discussed in detail with each applicant and will receive full credit for producing each show. It would help if you’re a film fan, but it isn’t required for the role.

Anyone interested in applying for this role should send their cover letter to with the subject: “Producer Role”.