We’re looking for an illustrator to help storyboard a short film. We would like to find someone to begin next week. One maybe two sessions. Nothing crazy or super stylized. This is a volunteer position, but I’d be more than happy to meet up and treat you to lunch! 🙂

Ava’s Last Ride
A man desperate to fund the repair of the ferris wheel on which he and his wife shared their first kiss, kidnaps a Bitcoin millionaire.

Henry, an 82 year old man slipping into dementia wishes only to fulfill a promise he made to his wife, Ava — to take her back to the ferris wheel on which they shared their first kiss. As Henry attempts to extort an alleged Bitcoin millionaire in hopes of funding the $40,000 repair of their beloved wheel before it’s too late, we learn bits and pieces about his questionable past as he loses bits and pieces of his questionable present.