Casting a 3-minute animated comedy short
Script is 4 pages
Open to male and female voice actors capable of playing a wide range of characters

Character breakdown:

Max: Age 20-30. Works as a reality repairman for a shadowy organization. Deals with strange anomalies so normal people don’t have to. Seen everything, dealt with everything, nothing surprises him anymore. That said, he’s not unhappy. He genuinely likes doing what he does, he just isn’t challenged by it. (Most people quit his job after less than a year. He’s the only one to last)

Danny: Age 20-25. Brain was fused with the entire internet, so he knows everything and some of it is even true! He’s chipper, energetic, and WAY out of his depth. He can be chaotic, but does genuinely want to help Max out.

Paul: Alien invader who’s getting really annoyed at how hard Earth is to destroy. Extremely prideful, and completely detached; he was sent to destroy humanity, but it’s just a job to him. He doesn’t hate us, he’s just completely indifferent. (And very sarcastic) He never gets the respect he feels he deserves, and he thinks that destroying earth will finally make people give it to him.

Credit provided in the end credits. I’ll send an animatic with subtitles and no voices to give a sense of context along with the script. Feel free to deviate from the animatic’s timing. If you’re interested, please email me with a reel and questions if you have any! Looking forward to hearing from you.

-Aaron Ordover