*please pay attention to the details of this posting* Visions Soar Productions is casting for a new TV medical drama, “The Paramedic Angel” As the producer and director of this show, I am very excited to have secured an amazing location for filming which due to NDA, I am unable to provide further details until casting decisions are made; however, the authenticity of the location is much better than having to utilize a film studio!

In addition, because of my many years of actually working in the field of EMS as paramedic, my objective is to have a very strong cast to portray this difficult job that is quite often times, thankless and very much under the radar when it comes to understanding the true heroism of these first responders who are the real unsung heroes in society. I will be requiring selected to complete a ride along with an actual paramedic unit so as to provide a better understanding of what the day and the life of a paramedic is, bottom line, cast will be living and breathing like a real paramedic to give even more authenticity for the show.

For other talent portraying nurses, doctors, and families of the lead roles, they also must have a complete understanding of these job requirements, as well as what it’s like to be a family members of professional hero saving lives on the streets. Also, all talent submitting need to have very strong acting skills, such as excellent emotions and expressions, as well as strong improv skills.

What I am looking for is cast, male or female to be paramedics, age ranges of 18-30 and any ethnicity, as well as for the nurses and doctors. For family of the leads, looking for two females, age ranges 12-16, any ethnicity. I will also require a very strong commitment to this production and become very versed in medical jargon.

If you are unable to meet the above criteria, DO NOT SUBMIT! If you feel that you can meet the above criteria, then please submit professional headshots, resumes, and reels to paramedicangel53@gmail.com with role you are submitting for in the subject line. It’s time to put Philadelphia suburbs on the map regarding an amazing paramedic show!