Seeking actors for our satirical version of Elders React. This project is a sequel to one from last year, our satire of Kids React, which you can view on the attached website under contact information. In our version, lonely host Joey tries to evince emotional reactions out of our strange and uncooperative series of seniors, who we will interview one at a time.

We’re looking for 6 actors (3M, 3F) to play Mortimer, Stella, Maynard, Russell, Val, and Esther. Actors will only be required to come to one shoot day out of the following dates: 11/9 (Sat.), 11/10 (Sun.), 11/16 (Sat.), 11/17 (Sun.), 11/23 (Sat.), 11/24 (Sun.).

Little to no memorization required as we will shoot line by line with one actor at a time. The series will premiere at the historic Bryn Mawr Theatre. Email with C.V. and/or headshot.