Seeking production organization to fund a local Phila/South Jersey true story based on recent acclaimed book, As I Remember: An Unusual Recollection.
In the same style of The Wonder Years, Father of the Bride, and Goodfellas, As I Remember: An Unusual Recollection is an ambitious but heartfelt journey.
The screenplay is the perfect format for either a pilot, mini-series or feature with interesting narration of accounts spanning over 50 years.
Completed script, pitch deck and or summary/bible available upon request.
The author and co-writer, A.A. Sabatine, is committed to remain as an advisor through completion of the project.
We’re unaware of any screenplay of its type. Truly unique!
For more information, please contact us at the provided emails and phone numbers: 610-420-8148 215-531-2396

Thank You!