We are seeking Latino/Hispanic actors/actresses to play the roles of Kique Ramos, Hector Ramos, Isabel Morales, or Elianna Valdez in the upcoming thesis film ‘El Cadejo’ directed by Gessel Gonzales.

This is a paid project, $50/day, with estimated shoot dates for the first and/or second weekend of February. We are asking for 8-9 hours of availability throughout the day. Meals are provided. All rehearsals and filming will take place on the Drexel University Campus.

In your submission email please include, your full name, DOB, the city you reside in, headshot or selfie, reel or links to past works, and photo confirmation of COVID vaccination. Please specify the role(s) you would be interested in.

Story synopsis: Haunted by a previous trial a lawyer ruins his fate and his purpose and it’s up to his problematic brother to find it again.


Kique Ramos (Lead): (Male, 30-35. Latino/Hispanic) A lawyer and despondent man who despite his cold exterior has his heart in the right place and is willing to fight for justice.

Hector Ramos (Lead): (Male, 35 – 45. Latino/Hispanic) A problematic young man who does not succumb to defeat no matter what obstacles come his way.

Isabel Morales (Lead): (Woman, 25 -30. Latina/Hispanic) A law student with a smart mouth, but also a pragmatic and resilient woman who will sacrifice whatever she has to in order to fight for what is right.

Elianna Valdez (Lead): (Woman, 25-35. Latina/Hispanic) A kind-hearted, yet ingenious woman dealing with some distressing circumstances.

Please contact dev34@drexel.edu if interested. We look forward to working with some of you and getting to see your work. Thank you so much for your time and interest, and best of luck to everyone in their endeavors!