Seeking non-union extras/background actors with any “70s and hippee look” to be fans/audience members for a short film. No acting experience required. Good opportunity for film students, retirees, or anyone who is interested in acting and filmmaking.

Examples of hippee and 70s outfit:

70’s hair: mustache, sideburns, Afro-hairdo, Shag hairdo
Accessories: Bling, heavy gold chain, headbands, scarf tied to hair, peace-sign ear ring/necklace
Clothing: Print,floral shirts, jumpsuits, 3-piece suit like John Travolta, bell-bottom pants, shiny, sparkly fabric, Beads, sequins dresses, skirts, mini-skirts

Filming date is scheduled for: FRIDAY, June 7, 2019 need full availability.

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Unpaid. Volunteer with food on set and film credit. (need access to your own transportation, film location accessible via SEPTA)

Please email to:
(A) Snap a photo from head to toe with your hippee look or 70s costume with some info about yourself and put “DISCO EXTRA” in the subject heading of email. Include resume if you are an actor.

(B) We are also looking for everyday, general folks who do not want to dress in 70s clothes as well. Snap a photo from head to toe in casual clothing. Use “Non-disco Extra” as subject heading if you do not have access to 70s look. Include resume if you are an actor.

Serious inquires only. Thank you.