We are seeking a diverse cast to be featured in a local artist’s music video! All are welcomed and encouraged to apply!

The single is a protest song with a strong political message. The song is made to criticize the political economy and/or “establishment” which has consistently neglected disadvantaged and minority communities. More details about the artist and the song will be shared once you reach out!

Filming will take place this Thursday, 06/20. Availability between 2pm-8pm is mandatory. Filming for each each individual will take roughly 30 mins. — our objective is to capture video portraits of each actor/participant (very low maintenance). This is a VOLUNTEER opportunity. Food and beverage will be available on set and the final video will be shared w/you if you’d like to add clips to your acting reel.

Interested? Please reach out to Keenan Marshall at marshall@draulhaus.com with your name, picture, and any additional relevant info that you feel is important to share.

Look forward to hearing from you!