Independent Filmmaker is seeking to fill character roles for an action film short shooting this fall. The roles are Non-union but we will provide low level Sag agreements for potential Sag Actors. film will be released into local/national film festivals and possible streaming

PERCHENKO – 60-75. Age range. Caucasian. Russian Mob Boss involved in Human Trafficking and drugs. He works with the Main bad guy (Mr. Blank) to kill a former Assassin out to kill him.

MRS. COLEMAN – 55-65 Age Range, Afro American. A teacher and community volunteer who works with children at the community Center.

DETECTIVE KOVAK – 35-45 Age Range. Caucasian. A corrupt Police officer working with the Russian Mob in the Human trafficking ring

MIGUEL – 25=40 Age Range.- Hispanic Head of the Latin Gang the L’10’s . Involved with the human Traficking.

If interested please send Headshot Resume/ Reel to attn: Bladesman.