One Way Out is a story that follows Roderick Holland, a washed-up criminal that heavily abuses alcohol in order to ease the feeling that his life has passed him by. Desperate for meaning, he turns back to the law-breaking world where he meets James and Raul, two younger men that remind him of himself. When the job assigned by their crime boss goes wrong, the men begin to wonder if the criminal life is any life at all.

RODERICK HOLLAND | Male | Any Race | Age: 45-65
An older man with a crushed spirit but a good sense of humor searching for some kind of meaning. Hardened by his actions in the past while at the same time generally sympathetic to his fellow man.

JAMES | Male | Any Race | Age: 20-35
A mild-mannered and reasonable career criminal experiencing second thoughts regarding his life choices. Outgoing and individualistic compared to others in the criminal underground.

RAUL | Male | Any Race, Preferably Hispanic | Age: 20-35
A bitter and easily provoked career criminal that possesses no fear of personal harm or regard for human life. Shifty and untrustworthy, but stone cold when bullets start flying.

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