Figure is a short film about a young man named Rich learning that his girlfriend has a child. He spends the next day looking into his own childhood memories to see if he can find it in himself to continue his relationship with his girlfriend. Also to be the positive influence on this child that he may have never had.

Role – Rich(Lead): mid to late 20s, Rich is reserved, nerdy, and creative. He greatly cherishes all his friendships and relationships due to not having many in his younger years. He is quite expressive and playful when he gets out of his shell.

Role – Nicole (Girlfriend): mid to late 20s, Nicole is mature, motherly, a goody two shoes, and affectionate. She is anxious about introducing Rich to her child due to passed experiences dealing with men in the past.

Rich’s Mother: mid 30s to mid 40s, she is protective, small, and nurturing. She simply wishes to take care of and protect Rich from the issues within their family.

Rich’s Father: mid 30s to mid 40s, he is large, masculine, and gruff. He does not truly accept Rich as his son and is prone to fits of rage.
If interested send an email with an up to date photo and a video ( 2-3 minutes) of you simply talking about yourself. This can be recorded with a phone, camera, or computer.