As the title states, Seeking Cameraman/Collaborators Who Want to help build Youtube Channel/Make Short films, I’m looking for someone who’s been wanting to create content. Possibly want to build a team of go-to people who want to make short films and sketches of sorts for a youtube channel, or festival runs. I’m thinking clean action/comedy/drama, multi-genre sort of stuff. Think Martial Club on Youtube, or any other small group of youtubers/filmmakers who put together short HQ skits for exposure. As far as having a camera goes, let me know what you’re working with. Preferably, we’re looking for people who’re amateur/or willing to learn/be flexible & open minded with the way we work. I’ve tons of ideas. Just need ready and willing people.

Submit your name, your role you wanna play, and equipment, if it relates to you. A headshot (or reel if you have one) would be ideal as well. Thanks.