I am a local independent filmmaker based in Philadelphia who is currently seeking an BIPOC actress in their 20’s with dance experience to play the lead role in a low budget narrative music video/short film/visualizer for Philadelphia based instrumental artist CHRSBRRY. You will be playing ROSE, a naive, despondent non-gender conforming BIPOC woman in her mid 20’s who is settling into a new apartment in the midst of a difficult life transition.

The story follows Rose, an aloof, depressed woman in her mid-20’s, as she inhabits her newly acquired living space only to find certain items within it triggering painful memories of her past, eventually building to a dance sequence that leads to momentary catharsis. This is a non-speaking role that will require the execution of a 3 minute dance sequence that the talent will collaborate on with myself, the director, and the camera operator. Dance choreography experience is encouraged, but not required. We are looking for a creative performer of whom can communicate emotional liberation through artful movement that is in sync with the music provided. You will be working in a collaborative environment where improvisation will be strongly encouraged. The project will be shot in 2 days over a weekend in late September/early to mid October. With one day of filming taking place in 3 different locations in Philadelphia while the other day will be filmed in a rural area in South Jersey. Travel and food will be provided.

Safety protocols:
Crew will likely only consist of 3-5 people maximum. All cast and crew will be asked to access free COVID-19 testing through local testing sites. A list of COVID-19 testing sites will be provided to everyone working on the project. No one will be permitted on set without having received a negative COVID-19 test result in the days leading up to filming(results can take anywhere from 1 to 7 days). No crew member will be allowed on set without a mask(masks will be provided if needed). Everything will be done with the cast and crew’s safety being held at the highest priority. I understand that this is a very anxiety provoking time to be working on set, so I am committed to fostering a space that encourages an open and honest dialogue between members of the crew that will strongly influence how we operate on set.


Please respond to info@imericcortes.com if interested. Please provide relevant background info about yourself along with references to your work if possible.