Independent Filmmaker is seeking Additional Actors for an Action Film Short. The film is Non-Union. Please read the description before responding.

Miguel – Hispanic Male. 28- 40. Medium build. Gang Leader. Some Fight choreography background/

Sybil – Caucasian Female. (60something to 70) Jane Seymour/Helen Mirren type. An older secret agent type. Must know how to speak in a legitimate British Accent.

Johnny – Caucasian Male. ( 30 something to early 40’s) Italian Mob guy. Medium build.

Vinny – Caucasian Male ( 30 something to early 40’s) Italian Mob Henchmen. Slim to medium build,

Ms Coleman – Afro American Female ( 45- 50 something) A Social Worker,

Cartel Lawyer – Hispanic Female/ 30 – 45. A representative for the Cartel.

Film is Non- Union. Negotiable Flat Rate. If interested please email Head-shot/Resume to attn: Additional Cast.