I am looking for two actors to play Father (40-50s) and daughter (16-19) who go on a hunting trip, in a short film with a run time of around 12 minutes. It should only take around 1-2 days to shoot. We are planning to shoot at the end of December or beginning of January (depending on the winter). The location used will be a wooded area or forest in Philadelphia.

Logline: A young girl goes on a hunting trip with her dad in an attempt to connect with him . What begins as an uncomfortable peek into her dad’s life quickly devolves into an increasingly bizarre and otherworldly experience.

Allison (18+ but looks to be 14-16) – A young teenage girl with an underlying passion for animal rights reluctantly decides to go on a hunting trip with her father after realizing this might be her last chance to find something they can bond over. Allison is shy and soft spoken; however, she is headstrong and fully capable of surviving on her own. She interprets her father’s coldness as a lack of interest in her life.

Lou (40s-50s) – A reserved man who takes a hands off, nature over nurture approach to parenting. He wants to bond with his daughter as well but struggles to compromise with her on anything. Lou grew up in a different world, one where he had to fend for himself. He is stuck in his ways and doesn’t know how to show his emotions appropriately.

Alien – A cunning shapeshifter. He shapes shifts into Lou during the course of the film.
THE ACTOR FOR LOU WILL PLAY THIS ROLL as they are visually the same character.

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If you have any interest, please email me at mcdanielandrew219@gmail.com . I will send you sides for a video audition.