Seeking adult men and women (30+YO) and young adult men and women (16-23YO) to act in comedy pilot. Roles may recur in the rest of the series filmed in 2020.

Please submit headshot and acting C.V. if applicable to
When four daring teens summon the Devil, He possesses a nervous young man named Casey. In this new body, Lucifer learns the lame pains of a sad, nervous human. When it gets too much, he seeks out the most human remedy for depression: art. He’s about to learn that he’s not very good at it. Every episode, Lucifer tries out a different medium of art, often failing, as he copes with the angst of an artist.

In the pilot, Lucifer/Casey competes with women in a painting-with-a-twist class in the basement of a local church, meanwhile struggling to blend into his family.