Seeking 1 male actor and 1 female actor for non-speaking roles in a brewery commercial. Shooting is in Philadelphia and the greater Philadelphia area.

The commercial follows three friends throughout their 20s growing in different directions, but ultimately reuniting at the brewery for a good time with good beer.


Character #1 (male, 20s/early 30s). Well put together who is the most adult-like of the bunch. We follow him through a sequence of vignettes: opening scene hanging with his best friends at a brewery in his early 20s, moving into a new house, a dinner date, getting a beer for the same person from the date, now his fiancé. Closing scene, reuniting with best friends.

Character #2 (female, 20s/early 30s). Indie/punk girl in a band. We follow her through a sequence of vignettes: hanging out with best friends, writing music alone in her bedroom, practicing with a band in a garage, performing at a show with her band, reuniting with friends at the brewery at the end.

If interested, please email the part you’re interested in, your headshot, and previous work you have done. Thank you!