In need of a script supervisor for July 13th for a narrative short film titled Lunar Maria that will be shot in Phoenixville, PA. Volunteer. Please respond with a resume!


LUNAR MARIA is a dramatic, coming-of-age short film about a small-town girl’s mysterious awakening. Sinéad, 18, and her strict older sister, Coral, 23, live together in the wake of their mother’s death. Devout Irish Catholics, they eat quiet dinners together, play board games, and work in town. Sinéad loves her older sister, but she does not submit easily to rules.

One restless night, Sinéad’s innate curiosity overcomes her, and she accesses something sinful and forbidden. Now, Sinéad mistrusts the life her sister built for their small family. As she challenges her faith, grapples with her sexuality, and grows apart from her sister, she begins to experience disturbing symptoms: chiefly, the urgent need for light. As Sinéad’s transformation deepens, she must choose between who she is and who she is meant to be.