My name is AJ and I am the CEO & Owner of Loud Stone Entertainment, LLC and the founder of our new platform, Loud Stone TV.

Loud Stone TV is a digital, online music television channel dedicated to showcasing up and coming artists– where artists retain creative control. Current programming includes daily music video streams, providing exposure to artists of all genres. We also have original content, ranging from mini-documentaries, in-depth interviews, podcasts, and music industry news and commentary. We are also open to ideas and pitches from independent content creators who want a platform to produce their dream project, as long as it meets our one rule: it needs to be rooted in music.

Loud Stone is a way to discover a new wave of indie artists. This is visual Spotify. And, with a retro, Y2K aesthetic, Loud Stone aims to be the premier platform connecting artists, producers, musicians, writers, and visual creatives to a wide audience of music lovers.

We are currently in an Open Beta, as we prepare the channel with multiple pilot shows and music videos airing right now so that any interested investors or partners can witness our process. Our current goal is to do an official launch of the channel by January of 2022.

We are currently in a search for more hosts for our channel, primarily female, to host a few of our pilot episodes as we build the channel to promote to investors. Knowledge in music is a plus. Being an actual independent artist is also a plus, and we would love to air your videos on the channel, as well. Please note that our channel is uncensored, and we convert most of our shows into podcast format, as well.

If you are interesting in learning more, here is the criteria:

-Must be 18 years old or older.
-Must have access to a PC with working internet and a webcam, or capable of traveling to the Philadelphia area.
-Open to all genders and music tastes, although we are definitely looking for two female hip-hop artists/enthusiasts with opinions.

We’re currently only filming pilot episodes of our shoulder content. Our goal is to find investment to be able to make a financial commitment to everyone working on this project. We are also being vague about the shows because we want to see what type of people are interested in the channel. Maybe you have an idea for a music based show and want the assistance in creating a pilot for it. We could work together to create something great.

So if you are interested, send an inquiry to contact@loudstone.tv. If you have any type of resume and a photo of yourself, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration.

-AJ Dwayne, Loud Stone TV

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