Derek Ford:
Derek Ford is the detective of the Silver Spring County PD. He is in his 30’s and is a very grouchy person who is easily agitated when people hinder him from getting his work done. Since he is so dedicated to his job everyone gets under his skin, even those with higher authority than him.

Terry Jones:
Terry Jones is a golf caddy at a country club in town and is one of the best caddies around. He’ll get the club you need before you even realize you need it and polish your ball so much you can see your reflection. The trade off is that he is a creepy, slimy, dirty guy. He looks unprofessional as he is always dirty with stains on his clothes, greasy hair and a general foulness to him. He has little to no morals which is why when he gets the idea to kill Dick he acts on it immediately.

Dick Frascone:
Dick Frascone is the owner of the Silver Spring country club. He is very wealthy, very narcissistic and generally a stuck-up douche bag to everyone. He is also the head of a thieves gang in town who has been going to every house and business robbing them and wrecking their places. He is paying off all of the cops in the county except Derek to not pursue this case. Dick’s favorite caddy is Terry yet he still treats me like shit. Dick’s excuse is that he needs discipline to be a better person. Dick also has no one really important left in his life so that is why he puts Terry in his will.

Police Chief:
The police chief is the chief of the Silver Spring County PD. He is in his 40s and generally an average looking male. He is the closest to a good person right behind Derek. The chief is still being paid off by Dick but questions it all the time. He is the only one at the station who likes Derek and lets him do what he wants, even if it means losing funds to the station. The chief still upholds some laws, restrictions and rules and knows he should but on the other side he is a little crooked.

Greyson is an officer at the Silver Spring County PD. He is one of the many crooked cops at the station. Greyson is in his late 20’s and is prone to stress at times. He dislikes Derek Ford a lot because he knows Derek is trying to figure out who is behind all of the thefts which will eventually lead to Dick Frascone, the police station’s dirty money supplier.

Nicole is another cop at the police station and good friends with Greyson. She is also in her late 20’s with a deeper raspy voice and taller than average. Nicole is tougher than Greyson in that she isn’t prone to stress as often and is willing to confront people when needed. Also just like Greyson, she strongly dislikes Derek Ford for the same reason.

The Homeowner does not have a name and is just referred to as “homeowner”. This character can be played by anyone as long as they look old enough to own a house (20s to 60s). The homeowner appears for one short scene in which they are broken and distraught from having their home robbed and destroyed, as anyone would. This character is the most genuine in the whole script, they are the most human.