I am part of the planning committee for our annual Philly Law Enforcement Christmas Party to be held at ‪The Plough and the Stars‬ ‪on Thursday, December 19th.‬  This year we will be raising money for Philadelphia Highway Patrol Office Andy Chan and his family.   Officer Chan is a highly decorated Philly Police Officer who was severely injured on his PHP motorcycle ‪on January 3rd‬ of this year. Ten months after his accident, Andy is bedridden, unable to do anything for himself and his medical bills are mounting.

There are always lots of colorful characters, impersonators (ie., BenFranklin), sports figures and mascots, and, of course, our signature character the always crazy “Bad Santa”.

This year, as a new addition to our party, we’d love to have a “Rocky” Look-A-Like or impersonator who would be willing to donate their time to this charitable cause. We will ceremoniously announce Rocky’s arrival while our DJ plays the Rocky theme song. And then, we’d like to have Rocky circulate through the crowd because many of the law enforcement officers will want to take pics and selfies. Rocky can stay as long as he wants to.

Email me or call is you have any ideas or suggestions.