Are you tired of sequels, industry plants, and the boring content we’re bombarded with on a daily basis?

Then look no further. We’re putting together a team of people who have a passion for creating.

We need:
Creative Directors
Production Manager
Social Media Manager

Our goal is to be able to create freely and support other creatives while also producing unique content for our audiences. We’re aiming to make short films, web series, YouTube videos, original music, and even Webtoon comics!

We’re not looking for just anyone. As a start-up, we need people who are in it for the long haul; people who yearn to create; people who want to make their ideas and dreams a reality. We are heavy supporters of freedom of expression, art, LGBTQ+, racial and gender diversity, and embracing our true passions. We’ll be collaborating on just about everything, so being a team player is a must.

Must Have’s
– A high school diploma
– Reliable transportation

Must Be’s
– Open to feedback & training
– Motivated, reliable, and self-sufficient
– Creative thinking
– Communication skills
– Good time-management skills

Sound like you? Think you have what it takes? Then by all means, reach out. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.