I am producer/writer/director looking for a producing partner for my company. I’m looking for a serious, competitive, independently driven producer.

This will be a partnership…..

You will have to know how to work independently because I am not always in Philadelphia ,and, if we get a deal in Hollywood… I will not always be in Hollywood….

I have a lot of great scripts… seriously… the goal for our company is to consistently churn out great films and to secure a distribution deal with a studio , not just a deal though… a partnership with a studio… based off the quality of our work

You may be asking yourself ” if you have ‘great scripts’ why don’t you have any films made.. why aren’t you on IMDB” … the answer to your question is… I had a preproduction deal at a major studio when I was 22.. but things went south .. for personal reasons… I’m 25 now.. and I’m working for myself

call me: 919-592-4228

if I don’t answer, I have headphones on.. so send me a text