Title: Every Womxn
Description: Every Woman is a comedy-drama web series about 6 friends in Philadelphia in their 20s-30s as they navigate relationships, and ultimately learn the value of self-love. The first season will comprise of 4 eight-ten minute episodes, in which Monica, a straight Christian black woman, has her life upended when her boyfriend of one year suddenly cuts off communication and disappears. Jay, a black trans woman, is forced to be uncompromising and bold in her identity while dating. Charli, a queer black woman, struggles for acceptance, not only within her family, but in the LGBTQ+ community overall. Prisha, an Indian-American woman, tries to merge her authentic self with her parents’ vision. Liz, Charli’s white cousin has blindspots, but is learning to be an ally. Kellie, a straight Christian black woman and Monica’s spiritual advisor, reminds the group that “every day is another day to get it right.”

We are looking for EXPERIENCED Producers.
Must have experience in Scouting/Finding Locations
Must have experience in Fundraising/Marketing/Raising Money
Must have experience in scheduling and coordinating shoot dates

We are ALSO looking for an EXPERIENCED Social Media Manager.
Must have experience in creating a social media marketing strategy and plan.
Must have experience in basic graphic design, creating logos, graphics for social media.
Must have experience in Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator or similar.

We are looking for: experienced and talented individuals with a passion for genuine storytelling, and better representation for minority communities, particularly: queer women of color.

If you are interested in this position, please send over a resume/CV with some examples of your work to: everywomxntheseries@gmail.com.