Phertile ground films is a Philly based independent film company looking to cast an upcoming horror film. We will be filming in the Philly area. IMDB credit & food will be provided.
Our most recent release “Bruce” came out this summer:

Please read through our character descriptions. If you fit any of the roles, please email us!
-Put “HORROR FILM CASTiNG” in the subject line of your email
-Include your name, location, confirm you are non union, contact phone number
-State which character(s) you are auditioning for
-Attach headshot and resume, reel if you have one
-Portfolio/links that you feel would contribute to your submission

We’re looking for a range of emotion! Think classic horror films, The Strangers, A Cabin in the Woods, The Haunting of Hill House. Make sure we can see you portraying fun/having a good time, anger, and DEFINITELY how you portray being scared (this is a horror film!). A monologue from a horror film might be a good place to start! If you need to break up your audition into 3 sections (fun/anger/fear), feel free to do so. Please keep tapes under 3 minutes long.

Character ethnicities are not firm. All actors are encouraged to apply. Pay rate will be based on fit to character and skill level.

Tommy – 9yo white male, tiny type to get picked on but is scrappy (think Jacob Tremblay)/actor must be comfortable with sfx makeup.
Hoyt – 30s white male,dad bod,cop,smoker,drinker not good with confrontation but is very aggressive, mean spirited-main antagonist
Christian – early 30s mixed nationality, more fit but smaller frame cop; quiet,follows the rules. Easily pushed around and manipulated
Issac – heavy set, comic relief, any nationality.
Imala– 20s, extreme feminist, very attractive and uses it to get what she wants and then throws it out there how sexist that was. Very strong character physically and mentally. Strong willed.
Child protective services agent – female, black 30s or 40s, tall preferred. No nonsense personality type.
Monty – Male VO that can do a good southern accent
911 voice actor – open casting
Paula – female, heavy set, preferably short. Very defensive and everything offends her.
Sam– trans, accidentally killed by police. We are looking for a trans actor or an actress comfortable being dressed as and portraying a male character.

Please email our producer Karle Gwen at with “Horror Film Casting” in the subject line if you fit any of these roles.