Your loved ones, though, perhaps, ordinary, lived extraordinary lives. Your special day, no matter how ordinary it seemed, was extraordinary. YOUR STORY should be told and will be told in a way that it has never been told.

From accomplished actor and Voice Arts-nominated and ADDY award-winning voice actor ( voice for such brands as NFL Films, NASCAR, NJ Tourism and more) comes “YOUR STORY,” short documentaries chronicling the extraordinary lives of ordinary individuals. With a heightened focus on chronicling the lives of those who have departed, this venture looks to transform lives and legacies.

The venture is now officially trademarked and under way and is seeking a principal editor that will shape and supervise the array of editors that will be employed and work with a team of producers that will guide each story. The expected length of these documentaries will be 5 minutes to 15 minutes max. The editor will also work with writers and voice actors as necessary. The expected and official launch of the project is fall 2022. However, it is very possible that the launch will happen sooner. No official salary has been gauged at this point, though this would be a salaried position. In the interim, we are seeking an editor to work on up to four short stories for the marketing campaign and promo efforts that will begin immediately. The editor will be tasked with taking no more than 5 images/visuals and syncing them with the narration and music in a way that will stylistically present a branded audiovisual design for the venture. In some ways, we are looking for an editor willing to come in on the ground floor with us to help us develop this humanitarian project of epic proportions.

Editor should be proficient in modern editing software and editing applications while possessing a congenial, affable and compassionate disposition that reflects the mission of the venture. There is a $1000 budget in place for the opening marketing campaign.

Let’s shape and enhance lives and memories together. If interested, submit a CV and editing sample to