Sketch comedy- Primary Editor for Graphics-Titles and After Effects needed
I’m an obsessive and that’s what we are looking for. We are not looking for seasoned professionals with film degrees and 10 years plus in the business –as sexy as that sounds–we are looking for someone who has 5 hours a week to do simple after effect work on silly ass sketches. I promise if you don’t enjoy the sketch no frickin worries mate we produce a 5 minute sketch every 9 days so come along for the next project.

Before we can release weekly every wednesday, we want to get into a position of having 50 videos all cut up for various platforms and edits aka shortened edits more suitable for instagram more cinematic leave for youtube etc. who cares for the details right now we have 33 exports locked baby and i realize we would run so much faster smoother and collaborate more freely if we had a third guy or gal in the band.

I know…wild! I pull this off by myself and ryan morton. With literally no budget. I don’t think you need a budget. But that’s not the point! The point is- lets get undeniable lets grow an audience and HAVE FUN CREATING CONTENT CONSISTENTLY LETS GOOOOOOO . We have the resources (equipment) the passion( no shame) and the next two shoots planned in advance(scheduling locked and consistent)

This is what i need:

A Hungry person whose personality cornerstones are curiosity and obsession. We have been stockpiling sketches. We have our rhythmic mojo flowing. It’s slow and syrupy at times. That’s why I’m making this post. Help us flow quicker and smoother. Help us be more like orange juice and less like syrup. Together we will cook up a helluva breakfast. Wait that’s just juice. Help us become more juicy with our export turnover process. Professional.

Basic requirements:

Work in Adobe suite -we work in Premiere Pro so it has to be after effects that work
“Less talented, more creative” approach in looking up ways to solve problems
Bring new ideas to the table comedy is a team sport, best idea wins.
Excellent communicative skills and time management
5 hours a week part time to help us on the after effects portions of our edits.

We got the basics Anyways here is an old crusty link of the previous work we did. Personally, I think their meh compared to the 20 we are working on now but seeing is believing so give them a ganderoo if you’d like. Just know since this link we have 10 more sketches all filmed 2020-2021 and not on the unlisted link. Those are still premiere files I can export those and show you after our first interview. Get excited.

Thank you for your time please shoot a text if you really want this or email if your curious to set up your first interview

Sir Taj