Looking for Two White Male actors around 30-40 yrs old, to portray, Police Officers in a short film for a production company named APM OPERATIONS LLC. At this time paid work is not guaranteed, so you’ll most likely be only volunteering. However, you’ll be allowed to use your work in your resumes or next audition recordings etc.but only for such. All filming will be done in the Philadelphia area and all film projects are owned under APM OPERATIONS LLC. Needed Characters are (lead officer) Sargent Knox White Male, around 37-40 years of age, ok shape, seasoned vet, mostly angry attitude, more known for his abuse on the streets than accolades in uniform.(tattoos are welcomed)
Second officer: Officer No.2 who is nameless on screen. White Male 34-37 years of age. 2 years on the force, Knox apprentice. Not bad shape(tattoos are welcomed) not as dangerous but plays his role under Knox.