We are casting real families for a Non-Union Video for PETRO.

We are accepting self-tapes for the audition. The tapes must be downloadable.

Audition Instructions:

• One Slate for Entire Family. Adults: Name, where they reside, agency if applicable. Children: Name, age, whether or not they can swim.
• Take 1: Mom has a mug in her hand while kids are snuggling up to her. The kids can say something but it’s not about the words. We are looking for natural expressions.
• Take 2: Then Dad holds a mug and does a little improv on the lines of …as a homeowner, I love it when my home is warm

*Please note: One of the children will need to swim as there is a shot of the child jumping into a pool.

• :30, :15 and :06 versions
• 1 Year Regional TV, Digital, Website, and Social
• $1000 for each adult, $700 for each child
• 2nd and 3rd Year options at the same Rate
Casting Specs:
• Early 40’s, Male, Caucasian
• Early 40’s Female – Caucasian
• Boy, 7–10 Caucasian
• Girl, 7–10 Caucasian
Union Status:

• Non-Union

Shoot Details:
• 9/23 shooting in either Shrewsbury or Colts Neck, NJ.
Submission Deadline:
• All submissions must be received by 11AM on Wednesday, September 9th. Of course, the sooner received, the better.

You MUST include an audition tape to be considered.