The Patient Media Programs Division of the Child Life, Education and Creative Arts Therapy Department offers an internship training program for college students. The internship is offered three times a year and provides students with hands-on studio experience producing live programming. Interns participate in the production of live original shows for Galaxy 51, CHOP’s closed-circuit television network. They will also assist in the management of high-profile media events — all while interacting with children and their families in a healthcare setting.

Through supervised instruction, interns will produce programming that is educational, entertaining, therapeutic and interactive, with opportunities for patients to participate in live shows either in person or from the Hospital bedside.

Interns will work primarily in the Seacrest Studios, CHOP’s own multimedia broadcasting studio. They will have the opportunity to work with many facets of media production, including: live show hosting, coordinating special live-broadcast events, assisting with guest interviews, producing show content, running cameras and audio boards, technical directing, editing and designing graphics and animations — while making a difference in children and adolescents’ lives.

Child Life aims to provide a sense of normalcy, community and distraction for all children, some of whom have considerably long hospital stays and critical illnesses. All applicants should consider personal responses to learning in this type of environment, which can sometimes be overwhelming for individuals.


Intern candidates are required to be:
•Graduates or undergraduates in their junior or senior year.
•Enrolled in a degree related to multimedia broadcasting, communications, film and television, graphic design or child development.
•Able to receive university credit for the internship experience.

Previous successful experience working with children is preferred.

Internship schedule
•Interns are required to complete a minimum of 16 scheduled hours per week for a period of approximately 14 weeks, resulting in a minimum of 224 hours.
•Intern shifts are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 10:15 a.m. – 2:15 p.m. and 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.
•Intern shift schedules will be pre-determined by the supervising Patient Media Program staff prior to the start of the session with limited flexibility after the schedule is determined.

Start/end date

The start/end dates are established with limited flexibility:
•Spring 2020 session: Jan. 6, 2020 – April 10, 2020. Application postmark deadline: Sept. 15, 2019
•Summer 2020 session: May 18, 2020 – Aug. 21, 2020. Application postmark deadline: Jan. 15, 2020
•Fall 2020 session: Aug. 31, 2020 – Dec. 4, 2020. Application postmark deadline: May 15, 2020

All application materials must be postmarked by the application deadline to be considered a candidate for the session. Hand-delivered applications will not be accepted.

Please email the Student Programs Coordinator with any questions regarding the start internship.


For more information about the Patient Media Programs internship experience, please download the internship application (Word), which includes an overview of the internship and the application.

Application is not a guarantee of acceptance. A limited number of students will be accepted each session. The number of students accepted in the internship varies from semester to semester due to the number of applicants and supervisor availability.

Contact us

For more information about professional education in Child Life, Education and Creative Arts Therapy, please call 267-426-1340 or email