Temple University’s Media Studies and Production course 4701/5701 students are having a
casting call for the production FIGURES
Date: Saturday, September 28, 2019
Location : The Tech Center 1801 N. 12th street Philadelphia, PA 19122 room 103
Time : 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Note : You may have to sign-in at the front security desk so please bring government ID just
in case
Contact : Direct questions and inquiries to Sumayyah Carter or Angelica Packer
Logline: When sinister figures appear in the lives of two young men, they must fight within
themselves to stay true to who they really are.
We are casting for these roles:
Figures Lead Roles:
⬜ TYLER WILLIAMS: Male, 18-22, African-American, gritty, misunderstood, guarded.
⬜ ALBERTO “BETO” GARCIA: Male, 18-22, Latinx, must be fluent in Spanish and
English, passive, artistic, jaded, untrusting, stoic.
Supporting Roles:
⬜ LOURDES GARCIA: Female, 38-42, Latinx, must be fluent in Spanish and English,
angry, untrusting, judgmental, outspoken.
⬜ TYLER FIGURE: Male, 18-22, African-American, masked figure, ill-intentioned, body
double (non-speaking).
⬜ BETO FIGURE: Male, 18-22, Latinx, masked figure, ill-intentioned, body double
⬜ CASHIER: Male, 40-50, suspicious, aggressive.
⬜ FIVE EXTRAS: any background or ethnicity; must be able to subtly portray emotions of
fear, disgust and annoyance.
Cold reads only. No advanced sides.
MSP 4701/5701: Producing and Directing is an advanced-level production course at Temple
University in which we produce narrative shorts and television pilots. For more information
or questions please contact our team at