The Greenfield Youth Film Festival is the largest student-based film festival in the region and along with awarding prizes and scholarships to high school level filmmakers, we also provide a one-day film school workshop. This year, Tuesday, November 20 (next week) we will have a panel of 6 presenters for a rotating teaching schedule to hundreds of film students from more than 30 high schools from Southeastern PA and Philadelphia.

We are looking specifically for a person who can help students learn basic visual effects that can be added to their stories on a low or no budget level. For example, more than 95% of these students have access to a green screen either in their high school studio or a portable cloth that can be secured with stands. As a visual effects expert, how would you teach them more ways to use this and other visual techniques to enhance their short films and why?
Please feel free to contact me, Dave Thomas, for more details or information.
Thanks in advance.