I need two or three people to help out. I want to keep the crew as small as possible so I can actually give some money.

The project is a short 12 page dark comedy about two nihilistic hitmen, two nuns, and an Arch Bishop encountering one another in a church courtyard. The casting will be done after I find a crew.

The positions I need filled are camera operator, director of photography, producer, sound person (pretty much every aspect of it, from micing to booming to editing), and light person. These roles are flexible, so if you are comfortable doing more than one, that is ideal. I plan on it being a rather communal experience, with a pretty equal collaboration, and everyone getting lots of different credits.

This project, as of now, is just a finished script, so we’d pretty much be going into it together from scratch.

Shoot me an email if you’re interested, with reels, resumes, websites, whatever you might think is relevant.

If I like your stuff, I’ll get back to you quickly, and we can meet and go over the script and see if you want to sign on.

Thank you for your time.