NOTE: Our production is slated to be in June, but due to COVID-19, there is a strong possibility we may shift to August or possibly later. The show itself will be performed in West Philly, and likely will be rehearsed there too. This is also a stage production, not a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975).

Date of first rehearsal: May 15 or 16 (Rehearsals will be after 7pm, beginning with 2 week days and 1 weekend and increasing weekdays and weekends as show gets closer. Weekend times TBA)

Tech Week: June 14-16

Dress Rehearsal: June 17

Performances: June 18 @ 8pm, June 19 @ 8pm, June 20 @ 2pm & 8pm

Note: This is an independent, grassroots stage production that will be funded by crowdfunding and all roles will be given a small stipended—great opportunities for college students or recent grads. We will be offering $100/stipend per position, with the exception of a Music Director, who will be paid $300.

Music Director: Seeking someone to play auditions/callbacks, teach music/vocals, accompany rehearsals and assisting in helping staff band. Must have good sight-reading skills & ability to play piano well is necessary.

Stage Manager: Attending all rehearsals, making rehearsal reports, leading production staff meetings, creating contact lists, running lights or sound during the performance (depending on experience). In charge of setup and stake.

Asst. Stage Manager: Attending most rehearsals, Assisting with quick changes, assisting with setup & strike. This role will be needed most during tech week.

Line Producer: Working along side Director/Producer and AD/Choreographer. Keeping track of budget first and foremost, helping plan fundraiser, distributing press release, making programs, booking rehearsal space, ensuring FOH staff, acting as an extra set of eyes with Director/Producer for anything administrative to keep the line moving!

Community Engagement Manager: Acting as a monitor during auditions, going door-to-door to businesses for sponsorship, helping plan fundraiser. Really great position for someone who is looking to get in the door with producing or fundraising but lacks experience!

Lighting Designer: Someone who has knowledge of DIY lighting and can make a lot happen with a little! An out of the box thinker is required for this. Primarily needed during tech, outside of production meetings.

Scenic Constructionist: Similarly someone who can make a lot happen with a little and build things for us! Doesn’t have to have a traditional scenic designer/construction background, but building experience is preferred. Will primarily needed during tech, outside of production meetings.

Sound Designer: Someone who can make some sound FX to throw in Q-Lab. Doesn’t have to operate during performances. Primarily needed during tech, outside of production meetings.

Makeup Artist: Designing and applying makeup. Must be in attendance for some of tech, dress rehearsal and performances.

We are also seeking Carpentry help, a videographer & photographer, and any stitchers/sewers!