Logline: While recovering from surgery, a young woman with cerebral palsy learns that gym life can be for anyone.

“Mouse to Rat” is part of a short film series related to body image. This particular film is about 6 minutes long. It is based on the experiences of the co-writer, Alyse, while she underwent physical therapy to help recover from surgery for dislocating joints. Alyse has a BA in neuroscience and hopes to continue her education and focus on cerebral palsy. She is a disabilities advocate, and has written a memoir about her own life and her experiences with cerebral palsy.

Lead role:
Alyssa (25), female (she/her): Alyssa is a young woman born with cerebral palsy which causes limited mobility in the lower half of her body. For movement, Alyssa most commonly uses lofstrand crutches as mobility aids, sometimes using one for each arm and other times using only one to have a free hand. On longer travel days or days which require a lot of walking, Alyssa will use a wheelchair to conserve energy. Alyssa’s character is based on the co-writer, Alyse.

Supporting roles:
Aaron (25) Female (she/her). Roommate of Alyssa, compassionate and supportive. Very fit and active in her lifestyle.

Paul (37) – Male (he/him). Physical therapist and fitness enthusiast. More balanced physique rather than having a bodybuilder appearance.

Jean (30’s) – Female (she/her). Works at the gym as a part-time instructor for cardio programs such as spin, Zumba, etc. She has a leaner physique but strong leg muscles.

Jim (40’s) – Male (he/him). Works at the gym as a personal trainer and is a bodybuilder in his personal life. He has big shoulder muscles and looks like the stereotypical “gym rat”. Despite his intimidating build, he is very friendly and laid-back.

Shooting will take place in (or around) Philadelphia, PA, over the weekends in March. Tentative shoot dates are March 28-29. Actors should submit a video audition. Contact anyapopko14@gmail.com for more information about submission requirements.