Synopsis: In a world where most people have a work life balance that runs them ragged, a product called R.E.S.T. is designed and distributed to the masses through the likable guise of Mr. and Mrs. Polite. Thank You For The Opportunity takes place in the community of North Philadelphia and is about the changing relationship between an underground activist mother, Anya, and her coming-of-age daughter Kay. Anya is part of a radical group of thinkers who refuse to take R.E.S.T. (Rapid Eye Simulation Treatment). When Anya falls ill, Kay must come to her aid, leaving her modern life behind to step in for her mother as a member and leader of the group.


-Josiah (African American/ male – 22) – hard-working, well-intentioned but not always able to read the full nuance of a situation, sweet, supportive, not as smart as Kay, accepts things as they are/doesn’t have the need to analyze or deconstruct things, a little ‘basic’

-Anya (African American/ female – 40’s/50’s) – strong willed, determined, revolutionary, tired

-Mrs. Polite (Caucasian/ female 30’s/40’s) – polite, well-meaning, a bit shallow

-Loretta (Any Race/ female 50’s) – passionate, loyal, trustworthy, kind, wise, revolutionary

-Tallie (Hispanic/ female – 20’s) – shy, smart, independent, free-thinking

Secondary roles
-Extras needed, please get in touch if interested.

Shooting Dates (North Philadelphia) – August 3rd, 4th,10th, 11th, 17th, 18th