CHOKIN’ TO DEATH Character Descriptions

SWEETS – Early to mid-30s. She has one child; has lived in the projects for eight; was a professional woman now down on her luck. Her skepticism about getting out of the projects now borders on cynicism; she is slowly but surely getting fed up with the drug dealing, hustling, and lack-of-motivation mentality of her surroundings.

PEACHES – Early 20s. She has two children. She was born and raised in the projects; her children make the fourth generation of her family to do so. She is completely accepting of the lifestyle and enjoys it.

CRYSTAL – Early 20s. She has three children. She is also a lifelong resident of the projects, but her family has not lived here as long as Peaches’ family has. She never really fit in and didn’t reach a comfort level with her surroundings until she started hanging out with Peaches.

DEALER – Mid to late 30s. He has enjoyed a fairly good income from low level drug dealing and has never been in jail. It’s the one thing that he fears, but it’s not enough to stop him from dealing.

MONTY – Early 40s. He’s a street hustler who sells cheap women’s clothing, cheap jewelry, cheap perfume, and other cheap goods from the trunk of his car. His knock-off brand name goods are popular among the neighborhood women who look to achieve status, no matter how false.

TRIXIE – Early to mid-30s. She has three children bur has only one living with her. She enjoys her status of being the most desirable young woman in the projects. Monty provides the only means that she can afford to dress the part.

DAHLIA – Early to mid-30s. She has one child; her status is tied to Trixie’s. She is a female version of a wing man. She follows Trixie’s lead when it comes to dressing and everything else.

MARVIN – Early 30s. He is Sweets younger brother. He stays at various women’s houses, but he keeps his clothes stored at Sweets’ place. He can usually be found on a particular street corner talking up his latest plan for success to anyone who will listen.

DARNELL – Mid 30s. He is the father of Sweets’ child. Darnell is a barber but does little to take care of son. He usually makes some excuse for not showing up to see his son or fulfill some promise to take the boy somewhere.

BARBER – Mid 30s. He works in the same barber shop as Darnell.

MAN – Mid 30s. He gets an objective look at the everyday comings and goings of the projects.